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Wickham Common

Primary School

Cherishing Children and their Futures

Respectful. Resilient. Resourceful.


Equality Information and Objectives Policy

What we are doing to advance equality of opportunity between different groups


  • We know the needs of our school population very well and collect and analyse data in order to inform our planning and identify targets to achieve improvements;
  • We have procedures, working in partnership with parents and carers, to identify children who have a disability through our pupil admissions and transition meetings;
  • We collect data and monitor progress and outcomes of different groups of pupils and use this data to support school improvement. We take action to close any gaps, for example, for those making slow progress in acquiring age-appropriate literacy and number skills;
  • We collect and analyse data:
    • on the school population by gender and ethnicity
    • on the group of pupils identified as having a special educational need and/or disability and by their principal need or disability.


Pupil Information



44.9% of pupils are girls and 55.1% are boys.


Disability and Special Educational Needs

There are 71 pupils with disabilities ranging from physical disabilities to speech, language and communication needs. All staff are responsible for meeting the needs of these pupils. Good practice is continually shared amongst colleagues to help ensure children fully access the curriculum. 



Wickham Common welcomes and celebrates having pupils from all cultures and ethnicities and has a large number of pupils from minority ethnic groups. In 2023, 3.1% of our pupils do not have English as their first language, compared to 19.5% nationally. Our pupils speak a variety of other languages at home. 


The current ethnic breakdown of our school is:

  • Any other Mixed Background 3.5%  
  • Any other White Background 5.7%
  • Any other Asian or Black Background 1.2%
  • Black African or Black Caribbean 1.9%
  • White 68.5%
  • White and Asian 4.1%
  • White and Black African or Caribbean 6.5%
  • Any other Ethnic Group 5.8%
  • Unknown/refused 2.8%         

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Wickham Common

Primary School

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